Merry Christmas, Bandit!

Christmas is only four days away!  I was bored this afternoon and thought that I’d get some shots in of my grandparents’ dog, Bandit.  He was just chillin on the couch, and the window light was just great.  I could not pass up such a perfect photo op!  Now, although he’s a very cute shih tzu indeed, Bandit is not always the friendliest dog around.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s on Santa’s naughty list.  I was very surprised at how cooperative he was today!  I even used off-camera lighting during this doggie session, and he didn’t even bat an eye!  He usually gets very territorial when he’s in his comfort zone, so watch out!  You’ve been warned.

I was very blessed to get to capture these sweet moments from him, as he doesn’t usually have many of those!  Bless his little doggie heart. 🙂
_MG_6758 _MG_6763 _MG_6764


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